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Bondh E Shams is committed to bridging the sustainability gap as a key player in the WASH sector and in the environments where we operate. By upholding a firm commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals: 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), 5 (Gender Equality), 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate Action), we strive to make a difference in the lives of those most-in need and create lasting impact in the world.

Case Studies: People Behind The Numbers

Through our extensive on-ground network and close community ties, we are working with some of Pakistan’s most rural, under-resourced, and water-scarce communities across Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and South Punjab. In Pakistan, where over 80% of the population faces water scarcity and 53,000 children die annually from preventable waterborne diseases, our work remains crucial.

Safe access to clean drinking water is critically inaccessible in all of the communities where the organization operates. Communities often rely on distant and severely contaminated water sources, including hand pumps with no filtration, ponds, and canals. This has led to a chronic cycle of poor health, including widespread typhoid, diarrhea, kidney stones, hepatitis, and even cholera outbreaks. In many of these communities, young girls and women travel up to 4 hours to collect water, which is often contaminated and unfit for use.

Our on-ground teams have personally delivered and deployed 43 OASIS Boxes in Pakistan, providing approximately 63 million cups of safe drinking water to date. Our intervention has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of waterborne diseases in the areas where we work and dramatically reducing the time spent by women and children collecting water. This has had a hugely positive impact on overall community health and wellbeing, in addition to freeing up priceless hours for children to focus on their education and for women to focus on their own development, free from the burden of sourcing water day in, day out.

Our OASIS Box technology is specifically designed to reach communities in rural or off-grid areas. Due to this, we have been able to work with previously unreached communities in Sindh, experiencing some of the most critical water scarcity nationwide, and in communities in Balochistan, the most underserved province in Pakistan.

Come join us to create a social impact, and ensure the provision of clean drinking water for life, by making donations to one of our virtual donation centers . Your charitable contributions can help provide safe drinking water, and water for life to those in need.

*estimated based local community demographics.

The lack of access to a safe and clean drinking water supply is a major concern for the dignity and well-being of millions of South Sudanese. More than 60% of the population, or about 6.6 million people, rely on contaminated and at-risk sources, such as surface water and unprotected wells. According to a UN report, an estimated 5.9 million people in South Sudan lack, or have inadequate, access to safe drinking watersafe drinking water in 2021. Shockingly, at least 53 percent of these people are children. To create an impact, we deployed our first two OASIS Boxes in Yei City, South Sudan in 2019.

During the height of the civil war, many citizens migrated into the bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to escape the atrocities and violence. Safe and near access to clean drinking water remains extremely limited for communities spread across Yei. For a country emerging out of civil war, clean water for life may become a beacon of hope for refugees, and may incentivize them to return home to start rebuilding their lives again.

Working closely with our regional partners, 'Water is Basic', and the local community, we have provided safe drinking water to up to 10,000 individuals, and dispensed approximately 9 million cups of clean drinking water to date in South Sudan. In 2022, we accelerated our impact-building efforts in the region by delivering three more OASIS Boxes, which will ensure further provision to over 15,000 people in Yei City and Juba with safe access to clean drinking water.

If you are looking for charities to donatecharities to donate to, you can make a difference today by making donations to one of our virtual donation centersdonation centers for clean drinking water.

*estimated based local community demographics.

In collaboration with our partners, the ‘Energy Access and Development Program (EADP)’, our first two projects in Yemen were deployed in Ibb City and Taiz bringing clean drinking water to over 4,000 individuals at the height of COVID. The technology incorporated in the OASIS Boxes has enabled the provision of over 2.3 million cups of clean water in the region.

After 8 years of ongoing conflict and ongoing climate change, Yemen has been plunged into critical water-scarcity, and is still undergoing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. Extreme water scarcity in Yemen can be gauged with the fact that almost 17.8 million still lack safe access to clean water and sanitation (OCHA), which has caused acute and chronic health outbreaks including a cholera outbreak in 2016. In the years to come, providing drinking water is expected to be a major challenge for the people of Yemen. Complicating the issue is the fact that conflict has severely impacted water infrastructure. Average annual rainfall varies, and some areas are already experiencing droughts – both issues that are exacerbated by climate change.

Bondh-E-Shams organization plans to deploy six more OASIS Boxes in Yemen by 2023, which will bring safe access to clean water to 20,000 more individuals in rural Yemen.

Donations from generous individuals and organizations have enabled us to continue our efforts in Yemen. Through our donation centers, we are able to collect and distribute resources to those in need. This project is an important intervention and a necessary step towards saving lives and building lasting and sustainable impact in the region. If you are looking for charities to donate to, you can create an impact by making donations to one of our virtual donation centers.

*estimated based local community demographics.

An estimated 900,000 Rohingya refugees are currently living in overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. These refugees have endured endless challenges and dismal living conditions over the years, with clean water and adequate sanitation remaining a constant concern.

In 2019 alone, over 64,000 cases of waterborne diarrhea were reported in the camps, with 40% of cases involving children under five years old. The COVID-19 outbreak has further exacerbated health outbreaks, and limited access to safe drinking water.

Bondh-E-Shams organization has taken steps to uplift these marginalized communities by deploying OASIS Boxes in the camps. Our Boxes are placed at children’s learning centers, with the goal of directly impacting the children who have been most affected by the water crisis. Thousands of refugees now have immediate access to safe drinking water in several camps across Cox’s Bazaar.

Charitable donations, and contributions can help provide safe drinking water, and improve the quality of life for those in need. Bondh E Shams can create a difference today if you are willing to make donations to one of our virtual donation centers for clean drinking water.

*estimated based local community demographics.

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