Three images showcasing water accessibility. The left image shows solar panels beside a blue container in a rocky terrain with lush hills in the background. The center image captures hands filling a glass from a tap. The right image depicts a person watching a solar water station being hoisted by a crane onto a truck


In collaboration with our partners, the ‘Energy Access and Development Program (EADP)’, our first two projects in Yemen were deployed in Ibb City and Taiz bringing clean drinking water to over 4,000 individuals at the height of COVID. The technology incorporated in the OASIS Boxes has enabled the provision of over 2.3 million cups of clean water in the region.

After 8 years of ongoing conflict and ongoing climate change, Yemen has been plunged into critical water-scarcity, and is still undergoing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. Extreme water scarcity in Yemen can be gauged with the fact that almost 17.8 million still lack safe access to clean water and sanitation (OCHA), which has caused acute and chronic health outbreaks including a cholera outbreak in 2016. In the years to come, providing drinking water is expected to be a major challenge for the people of Yemen. Complicating the issue is the fact that conflict has severely impacted water infrastructure. Average annual rainfall varies, and some areas are already experiencing droughts – both issues that are exacerbated by climate change.

Bondh-E-Shams organization plans to deploy six more OASIS Boxes in Yemen by 2023, which will bring safe access to clean water to 20,000 more individuals in rural Yemen.

Donations from generous individuals and organizations have enabled us to continue our efforts in Yemen. Through our donation centers, we are able to collect and distribute resources to those in need. This project is an important intervention and a necessary step towards saving lives and building lasting and sustainable impact in the region. If you are looking for charities to donate to, you can create an impact by making donations to one of our virtual donation centers.

*estimated based local community demographics.