Goldman Sachs, $150,000 Grant

Bondh E Shams won first prize in the 2018 GS Analyst Impact Fund. Bondh E Shams continues to receive ongoing donations from GS employees.

Yemen: Energy & Access Development Program (EADP)

The Energy and Access Development Program (EADP) is providing services and linking collaboration for sustainable development in the Middle East and is our key partner in Yemen. In 2020, they have realized two initial projects in Sabir Mountain and Taiz, Yemen.

South Sudan: WiB Are Already Serving 1.25 Million People

Water Is Basic is our key partner in South Sudan. WiB are already serving 1.25 million people in Africa and have over 5 million USD in investments.

Pakistan: Safia Memorial - Healthcare Partner

Safia Memorial are our healthcare partner for treatment of water-borne disease referred by us. We enhanced this partnership during covid-19 and helped in the acquisition of a time critical ventilator.

Pakistan: Hydrosun Technologies - Manufacturing Partner

Hydrosun Technologies are our key manufacturing partners in Pakistan who help implement our technological updates and work in close coordination with our R&D team.