Who We Are

We are a global water charity bringing the gift of clean water to those around the world who lack clean water. We do that using an innovative, affordable, scalable solar-powered all-in-one water pump and filtration system, called the OASIS Box.

We believe clean water is a right, not a privilege. And with 1 in 10 people lacking safe water, there is an urgent need for ground-breaking innovations. We know that clean water means everything to communities in need: it prevents death from water-borne illness, improves community health, and relieves the burden of carrying water long distances from women and children, and is the foundation for education and economic empowerment.

Bondh E Shams translates to “droplets from the sun” and is a reflection of our mission to uphold the human right to access safe and clean water while also maintaining a sustainable environment.

The OASIS Box by Bondh E Shams: Emergency and Off-Grid Water System

Why We Care About Clean Water

Water impacts health, education, climate, women/children, economic empowerment
People Lack Water

1.2 Billion

People Lack Water
Child Deaths Per Year

3.4 Million

Child Deaths Per Year
Collection by Women


Collection by Women
We share the dream of a world with safe access to clean water for all.

We share the dream of a world with safe access to clean water for all.

Why We’re a Different Kind of Water Charity

With an R&D and innovation-focused approach, we develop our own technologies to provide an effective solution to the global water crisis.

The OASIS Box is a renewable, solar-powered, cost-effective, and easily transportable solution to fight the global water crisis.

We are changing the definition of a “successful water project.” To us, sustainability, frequent WHO-standard water testing, ongoing data reporting and 5 years of maintenance are essential/key ingredients for a completed project. So you can be rest assured your donations make an ongoing impact for years.

3 Immediate Ways to Help :




People Served

Upto 20

Years Of Clean Water
Supply + 5 years maintenance and repair assistance
Our Impact In Numbers
Technology Comparison
Years of research have allowed us to introduce a robust and innovative alternative to conventional hand-pumps. Here are four reasons why you should choose a OASIS Box for your next donation.
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