A collage of three images. On the left, a group of children in tattered clothing gather closely, one wearing a black cap with a sun emblem. In the center, our CEO Hamza Farrukh is observing a local scene with thatched huts and villagers in colorful garments. On the right, a smiling woman in a yellow shirt and blue headwrap stands at a market stall with bottles of local honey and fruits.

South Sudan Statistics

  • A UN report suggests that in 2021, almost 5.9 million people in the country lacked, or had inadequate access to clean drinking water.
  • Every year diarrhea claims the lives of approximately 77% children under the age of 5. (Borgen Project).
  • Almost 6,000 deaths were attributed to unsafe water sources across the country.(Our World in Data, 2019)
  • The 2020 World Bank data suggests that only 41% of the population has access to safely managed drinking water services.