Three images showcasing water accessibility. The left image shows solar panels beside a blue container in a rocky terrain with lush hills in the background. The center image captures hands filling a glass from a tap. The right image depicts a person watching a solar water station being hoisted by a crane onto a truck

Yemen Statistics

  • Under 5 children make up more than a quarter of the nearly 1 million suspected cases of acute watery diarrhea and cholera. In addition, over 385,000 children are struggling for their lives due to severe acute malnutrition. (UNICEF, 2017)
  • Around 61% of the population used at least basic drinking water services.(World Bank, 2020)
  • Around 9.4 million people urgently require WASH services. Without access to these services, they face a higher risk of contracting water-borne illnesses, malnutrition, and other life-threatening conditions.(UNICEF)
  • Approximately 17.8 million people in Yemen do not have access to safe drinking water, and sufficient sanitation services.(OCHA, 2019)
  • In October 2016, Yemen witnessed its worst cholera outbreak, with 2.5 million suspected cases, including more than 4,000 deaths. (International Committee of the Red Cross, 2022)