A collage of three images. On the left, a group of children in tattered clothing gather closely, one wearing a black cap with a sun emblem. In the center, our CEO Hamza Farrukh is observing a local scene with thatched huts and villagers in colorful garments. On the right, a smiling woman in a yellow shirt and blue headwrap stands at a market stall with bottles of local honey and fruits.

South Sudan

The lack of access to a safe and clean drinking water supply is a major concern for the dignity and well-being of millions of South Sudanese. More than 60% of the population, or about 6.6 million people, rely on contaminated and at-risk sources, such as surface water and unprotected wells. According to a UN report, an estimated 5.9 million people in South Sudan lack, or have inadequate, access to safe drinking watersafe drinking water in 2021. Shockingly, at least 53 percent of these people are children. To create an impact, we deployed our first two OASIS Boxes in Yei City, South Sudan in 2019.

During the height of the civil war, many citizens migrated into the bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to escape the atrocities and violence. Safe and near access to clean drinking water remains extremely limited for communities spread across Yei. For a country emerging out of civil war, clean water for life may become a beacon of hope for refugees, and may incentivize them to return home to start rebuilding their lives again.

Working closely with our regional partners, 'Water is Basic', and the local community, we have provided safe drinking water to up to 10,000 individuals, and dispensed approximately 9 million cups of clean drinking water to date in South Sudan. In 2022, we accelerated our impact-building efforts in the region by delivering three more OASIS Boxes, which will ensure further provision to over 15,000 people in Yei City and Juba with safe access to clean drinking water.

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*estimated based local community demographics.