A collage showing the impact of clean water access. On the left, a boy in a teal kurta smiles, holding a clear glass of water and a cloudy one, symbolizing water before and after purification. The center image captures an elderly man in a white turban drinking fresh water from a tap. On the right, a girl in a traditional red and brown embroidered dress holds a glass of clean water, smiling joyfully.


Through our extensive on-ground network and close community ties, we are working with some of Pakistan’s most rural, under-resourced, and water-scarce communities across Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and South Punjab. In Pakistan, where over 80% of the population faces water scarcity and 53,000 children die annually from preventable waterborne diseases, our work remains crucial.

Safe access to clean drinking water is critically inaccessible in all of the communities where the organization operates. Communities often rely on distant and severely contaminated water sources, including hand pumps with no filtration, ponds, and canals. This has led to a chronic cycle of poor health, including widespread typhoid, diarrhea, kidney stones, hepatitis, and even cholera outbreaks. In many of these communities, young girls and women travel up to 4 hours to collect water, which is often contaminated and unfit for use.

Our on-ground teams have personally delivered and deployed 43 OASIS Boxes in Pakistan, providing approximately 63 million cups of safe drinking water to date. Our intervention has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of waterborne diseases in the areas where we work and dramatically reducing the time spent by women and children collecting water. This has had a hugely positive impact on overall community health and wellbeing, in addition to freeing up priceless hours for children to focus on their education and for women to focus on their own development, free from the burden of sourcing water day in, day out.

Our OASIS Box technology is specifically designed to reach communities in rural or off-grid areas. Due to this, we have been able to work with previously unreached communities in Sindh, experiencing some of the most critical water scarcity nationwide, and in communities in Balochistan, the most underserved province in Pakistan.

Come join us to create a social impact, and ensure the provision of clean drinking water for life, by making donations to one of our virtual donation centers . Your charitable contributions can help provide safe drinking water, and water for life to those in need.

*estimated based local community demographics.