women empowerment
Graphic of the OASIS box with the label 'BONDH E SHAMS - THE SOLAR WATER PROJECT' at the top. The OASIS Box has multiple taps, and one tap is circled in yellow, likely indicating its significance or function.
women empowerment
water tap from bondh e shams


1x Solar Water Tap

Gives clean water to 1,000 people for 5 years. This is a safer & more robust alternative to hand-pumps.

oasis box Bondh E Shams


1x Complete Solar Water Project (including one Oasis Box TM)

Gives clean water for up to 5,000 people for 5 years guaranteed. This changes everything for one community in need.


Dedication plaques are available for donors who donate a tap or more. We will request this information after you have donated.


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pakistan Bondhe e Shams


South Sudan Bondh E Shams

South Sudan

Yemen Solar Water Project Bondhe E Shams


disaster relief

Disaster RELIEF


ongoing campaigns

A Coffee's Worth

Drink a cup, Donate a Cup

Donate just $5 (the average price of your daily coffee) to provide one person with clean drinking water.

Emergency Appeal for Gaza: Unite for Relief Efforts

Help us support humanitarian efforts and our mission to provide clean water to Gaza.

Climate Resilience: Safe Water for Vulnerable Communities

Help us urgently bring clean water to children and adults still severely impacted by this climate crisis.

fundraise for us

Empower lives with the gift of clean water by starting a fundraiser for Bondh E Shams today!

Start your fundraiser now and be a part of a movement where every drop of support creates a ripple of change.


100% of your donation directly fund clean water projects. Our goal is to give our donors a transparent implementation experience where your gifts make a verifiable and long-term impact. Monthly impact reports are sent to donors who donate a tap or more once their tap or OASIS Box ™ is deployed.

A complete water project can take between 3-6 months (current industry standard): however, our eventual goal is to deploy all donations within eight weeks given our highly-scalable and rapid deployment capability. Your donation supports this revolutionary approach to impact in addition to your water project.
Note: disaster relief projects can be implemented within days (sometimes hours) to respond to emergencies such as flash floods, droughts or other climate emergencies. We showcased this swift response during the Pakistan floods in 2022.

5 years of maintenance is included when you fund a tap or a full OASIS Box ™. We consider ourselves the custodians of your donation for this time. Our proprietary data-analytics and monitoring system embedded within the OASIS Box ™ allows us to remotely monitor water served, water quality and GPS coordinates, allowing us to respond proactively to any breakdowns. Maintenance is performed in partnership with the local communities and our dedicated field staff.