Campaign objective

Donate to save lives in Pakistan as climate disaster strikes again. This campaign will deliver clean water to flood-impacted communities.

Heavy rains and flash floods have re-emerged in Pakistan killing 150 individuals and leaving 233 injured so far across the nation, and are predicted to continue over the coming weeks. Not only this, 10 million are still living in flood-impacted areas without safe access to clean water (UN report) in the aftermath of the 2022 floods. This devastation impacts children the most.

Help us urgently bring clean water to children and adults still severely impacted by this climate crisis.


Provides clean water for 100 people

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Builds one solar water tap, providing up to 999 people with clean water (5 per box)

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Builds one complete Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams) (1x OASIS Box). This means clean water for an entire community.

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Our work to reach the millions impacted

Our work to reach the millions impacted by the floods continues and is at the forefront of our work in Pakistan, but we can't do this alone. Your support can help us protect and prepare climate communities at their most vulnerable, by offering a lifeline - safe access to clean water for 25 years.

Bondh E Shams deployed 20 projects in flood-stricken communities at the height of the floods in 2022 as both a rapid and sustainable solution. At the time, our OASIS Box technology was the only technology to target flood water and effectively filter it into safe and potable drinking water.


Our all-in-one, solar-powered OASIS Box brings a submersible water pump, life-saving bacteria filters, and unique data tracking system into a single, transportable unit. Each Box can be deployed in 7 minutes (on a water source) and provides up to 5000 people with 10,000 liters of 99.99% clean water daily for 25+ years, making this a cost-effective, sustainable and long-term solution. We are uniquely positioned to assist hard to reach flood-impacted communities with little or no access to safe drinking water.

Every dollar you donate transforms and changes lives for