Climate Resilience: Safe Water for Vulnerable Communities

This campaign aims to provide clean water to water-stressed communities impacted by humanitarian crises, climate change, and disasters.

Solar Water Project - Bondh E Shams is on a mission to provide clean water to water-stressed communities across the globe. Your support will provide urgent and safe access to clean water for vulnerable children and countless adults impacted by climate and disaster-induced water scarcity.

Our Solutions

Our efforts to uplift communities impacted by climate and disaster-impacted crises, remains a top priority.

However, we can't do this alone. Your support can help us aid and prepare climate communities at their most vulnerable, by building climate-resilience, security and providing a lifeline - safe access to clean water for 25 years.

Our innovative, lightweight, and portable solutions ensure prompt delivery to impacted communities in hard-to-reach areas. Solar Water Project offers two solutions for urgent disaster relief:

OASIS Box community

Our all-in-one, solar-powered OASIS Box combines a submersible water pump, life-saving bacteria filters, and unique data tracking system into a single, portable unit. Each Box can be set up in 7 minutes (on a water source) and provides up to 5000 people with 10,000 liters of clean water daily for 25+ years. This makes it a cost-effective, sustainable, and long-term solution. We are uniquely positioned to assist flood-impacted communities that have little or no access to safe drinking water.

The OASIS Box, priced at $6,500, filters 10,000 liters of water daily, providing 99.99% clean drinking water for 5,000 people.

OASIS Box family

Lightweight and portable, this solar-powered water filtration unit removes 99.99% of bacterial and chemical contaminants. The unit can be powered by multiple sources including battery, and is fitted with straps for displaced families on the move or in refugee camps.

The OASIS Box Family, priced at $2,000 provides 50 peoplewith clean water daily.


Provides clean water for 100 people

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Builds one solar water tap, providing up to 999 people with clean water (5 per box)

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Builds one complete Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams) (1x OASIS Box). This means clean water for an entire community.

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Disaster Relief Efforts in Pakistan

In Pakistan, only 20% of the population has access to clean water, making the country highly susceptible to climate change and water scarcity. Contaminated water and poor sanitation contribute to 53,000 annual deaths of children under five and are associated with 30% of all diseases and 40% of all deaths (UNICEF).

Solar Water Project - Bondh E Shams is on a mission to provide clean water to water stressed communities in Pakistan.

With our footprint in all 4 provinces, and Azad Kashmir, we have over 100+ OASIS boxes deployed all over Pakistan.

Each dollar you donate will make a transformative and long-term impact in people's lives.

Case Study: Pakistan Floods 2022:

During the peak of the 2022 floods in Pakistan, Solar Water Project effectively provided disaster relief by deploying 26 projects in flood-stricken communities. Utilizing our OASIS Box technology, we were able to transform flood water into safe and drinkable water, providing immediate relief to those impacted.