Emergency Appeal: Clean Water for the People of Gaza

96% of water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption. There is a critical need for long-term and sustainable access to clean water in Gaza.

Our team has specifically developed a Solar Water Filtration kit that will provide uninterrupted access to clean water for communities in Gaza. We call it the OASIS Box Family. Each kit can provide 50 people with clean water daily. Your support can provide a lifeline for Palestinians during this humanitarian crisis and in the future.


Removes 99.99% bacterial & chemical contamination


Solar power and battery ensure uninterrupted supply


Lightweight and strap-equipped, ideal for families on the move

water capacity

22 liters of clean water/hour, 19 liters of storage capacity


Donate however much you can to Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams).


Respecting International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

IHL, or the law of armed conflicts, safeguards civilian access to water. It prohibits harming water installations, supplies, and essential objects for civilian survival in both international and non-international conflicts. This prohibition is linked to the ban on using starvation as a tactic, which includes depriving civilians of water. Water is also protected as part of the environment, with rules against causing severe and lasting environmental damage in warfare.

Additionally, the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions ensure access to water for prisoners of war and civilian internees, and the Fourth Convention imposes obligations on occupying powers regarding food, public health, and hygiene in occupied areas.

Our Demand

We call on international bodies — the United Nations, the European Union, and humanitarian organizations — to:

  1. Enable and ensure uninterrupted access of water and other essentials by creating a humanitarian corridor to allow life-saving aid to reach Gaza.
  2. Uphold and enforce IHL, emphasizing the protection of civilian rights and access to clean water and basic amenities.
  3. Promote a ceasefire and establish diplomatic efforts to mitigate further loss of life and human suffering.

Sign our petition: Play your part and sign our petition to declare your commitment to the cause.


We have the capacity to manufacture 50 units every week. These 50 units take up 9 CBM of space and weigh 1800kg.

We are in conversation with UNRWA, along with other partner organizations, to explore delivery via both Egypt and Jordan.

After having analyzed groundwater sources in Gaza, we have developed a 7-step water filtration system that removes all identified chemical and bacterial contamination.