A collage of three images depicting women and girls in traditional attire. On the left, two girls with bright orange and red scarves giggle together. In the center, a young girl in a blue shawl balances a large metal pot on her head, gazing upwards. On the right, two women in vibrant clothes, one in purple with polka dots and the other in teal, stand solemnly side by side

Women’s Empowerment

Women Empowerment refers to the process by which women gain power and control over their lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices. Health is a crucial factor in empowering women and lack of access to clean drinking water in many underdeveloped communities leads to poor health outcomes and lower life expectancy which derails the process of women empowerment.

We are on a mission to ensure provision of clean drinking water to generate a ripple effect of positive change towards women empowerment across all communities. Over 200 million hours are collectively spent everyday by women collecting water from the nearest water source. Also, carrying heavy vessels for water collection can be fatal for pregnant women. Furthermore, consuming unsafe water can fatally affect the health of women and their babies. Provision of clean water can empower women to pursue education, utilize growth opportunities, achieve financial independence, and look after their families.

The Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams) aims to empower women by presenting them with an opportunity to live a healthy life, simply by providing access to safe drinking water. Our OASIS box technology mitigates the risk of contracting water borne diseases by eliminating microbial pathogens at the source, turning any contaminated source of water to a drinkable one. This not only improves quality of life and raises life expectancy, but also boosts mental and physical capabilities which puts women in a better position to pursue their education and career, and take part in key decision making processes.

Your donations can help us serve clean drinking water to women and children in underserved communities, and enable them to live a healthy prosperous life.