Our technology OASIS Box in a rural landscape, with a bright blue sky above. To the right, a mature palm tree stands tall, and in the background, there are fields with sparse vegetation, emphasizing the arid environment. A concrete well is adjacent to the container.

Climate Preservation

The goal of climate preservation is to protect our environment from harmful practices, and restore the climate to a stable state. Fossil fuels have played a major role in global climate change, responsible for around 75% of GHG emissions and more than 90% of all carbon emissions. Microsoft founder Bill Gates in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” suggests that almost 51 billion tons of GHGs are emitted every year.

Not only has climate change led to a rise in sea levels by 3.2 millimeters per year, but it has also resulted in loss of biodiversity, higher frequency of natural disasters, and shortages of clean drinking water.

The alarming situation calls for rethinking climate preservation and adopting innovative approaches to shield earth from climate abnormalities. The amount of carbon and GHG emissions must be cut down to half by 2030, and reach net-zero by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change. One way is by shifting the consumption of energy from fossil fuels to clean and renewable substitutes such as solar energy.

The Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams) uses solar energy solutions to resolve global issues like lack of available clean drinking water. With a service life of 20+ years, our solar-powered OASIS box is a pioneering technology that utilizes photovoltaic cells to power the nanofiltration process that filters out pathogens at source. Our organization is also in line with the SDG Goal 7 that advocates the use of clean and affordable renewable energy sources.