A panoramic collage featuring three children with beaming smiles in front of the OASIS box. On the left, a girl in a black hijab clutches a clear bottle of water. In the center, a boy in a white traditional dress holds a glass of water. On the right, a girl in a colorful embroidered dress happily shows off a glass of water.

Children’s Health & Education

Our Children’s health is essential for their physical growth, cognitive development, and academic performance. Over 85,700 children under the age of 15 die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe drinking water, and lack of sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Children are particularly vulnerable to harm from contaminated water because they not only drink more water per pound of body weight than adults, but also swim and play in dirty water, which exposes them to higher amounts of contaminants than adults.

A child’s health also directly impacts their ability to receive education and expand their cognitive abilities. Over 64 million primary school-aged children worldwide are not enrolled in schools due to various reasons, including poor health. Moreover, almost 443 million school days are missed by children every year due to waterborne diseases.

Our Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams) promotes the holistic development of children by providing them access to a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment that helps them excel academically. By ensuring access to clean drinking water, we strive to empower children who will grow up to lead their communities to new heights.

At the Solar Water Project (Bondh E Shams), we firmly believe that investment in children's health and education is essential for the future of our world.