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Each donation makes a difference for flood-affected victims in Pakistan.

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Urgent Flood Relief Fund: Donations for Pakistan

The unprecedented ongoing floods in 2022 across Pakistan have paralysed the nation, jeopardizing the lives of 33 million individuals. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that more than three million children were at increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition due to the ongoing devastating floods in Pakistan. According to UNICEF, the death toll has now exceeded 1,100 including 350 children who have lost their lives and another 1600 have been injured in the flood-related incidents. Mass evacuations are still taking place around the country while more rainfall is expected in the coming weeks and dengue fever and waterborne diseases now threatens millions, particularly children. This crisis has surpassed the detriment caused by the 2010 floods in Pakistan, making it the worst flood in Pakistan’s history. An emergency has emerged where your donations can make a difference.

Why should you donate to Bondh E Shams?

Bondh E Shams is a clean water and tech non-profit that uses its donations to deploy its signature OASIS Box globally. We are in a unique position to reach flooded areas and turn FLOOD water into filtered safe DRINKING water. Our all-in-one solar powered water filtration unit (OASIS Box) can provide up to 5,000 people with 10,000 liters of filtered drinking water daily. A solution that is the need of the hour. Once the flooding subsides, the same boxes can be RELOCATED to nearby villages (each OASIS Box is easy to re-deploy) where your donation will provide clean water for 25 years. Each unit can be deployed within just minutes making this an important and time-critical solution.

We are working closely with local communities in flood stricken areas and have already deployed 3 units to communities in Sindh, with more to follow in Balochistan and South Punjab. While relief efforts continue, we still have so much more work to do to ensure that millions around the country have safe access to clean water and to prevent life-threatening disease at such a critical time. Each donation can make a viable difference to the conditions of floods in Pakistan.

Donate to us to accelerate our work to turn flood water into safe and healthy drinking water for thousands of stranded flood victims. Your charitable contributions will create incredible and life-saving impact during Pakistan’s largest ever natural disaster:

$100 of flood donations

Provides clean and healthy water for 100 people.

$1250 of flood donations

Builds one Solar Tap, which provides clean and healthy drinking water for 1250 people.

$5000 or Rs.1,000,000 of flood donations

Builds one complete Solar Water Project (1 x OASIS Box including all administrative, logistic and other charges), which means clean and healthy water for an entire community.

Donations today will make a better tomorrow.

Our donation centers and platforms are primarily online. Your donations are zakat eligible, provide sadaqah jariyah and are gift aid eligible (UK donors).

There are multitude donation centers that have been set across Pakistan to raise immediate donations for the flood victims. However, our technology not only provides a rapid solution but it also ensures an investment towards the future.

To donate, you can visit the donate page here or transfer directly via our Bank Account.