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You may apply for either one of the following two programs with us. Sustainability Ambassadors are the primary vocal advocates who represent Bondh E Shams and its work in their respective circles (more details below) while our volunteers assist in running our day-to-day functions by joining one of the identified sub-teams.

Each Sustainability Ambassador and Volunteer is encouraged to make a suggested donation of £10 per month.

We believe clean water is a right, not a privilege and our goal is to bring safe water to every single one of the 1.2 billion people without access to such a fundamental human right. We welcome you to join our movement.

Over 1.2 billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. This is especially true of rural villages, where families often have to send women and children to collect water daily. Not only are these wells often shared by approximately 2,500 families, but the trek can also take up to 6 hours a day, which leaves families with little time for education and child-care.

Our mission is to empower women in these communities without dictating norms. Hamza Farrukh

Volunteer Program

Applications for volunteers are open. Please choose one or more of the below sub-teams.

Logistics (Field Work)
Finance & Fundraising
Social Media Content (SMC)
Impact Assessment
Ideas and Innovation

Ambassador Program

Applications for volunteers are open. Please choose one or more of the below sub-teams.

Our exclusive Sustainability Ambassadorship program reflects our Founder's firm belief that Bondh E Shams (BES) is more than a charity, it is a global platform meant to unlock the potential of youth people looking to make a lasting impact.

Each selected Ambassador serves as the face of our work and will help advocate for a safer, more sustainable world where clean water is no longer a luxury, but a right afforded to every single person. Each Ambassador will be empowered to advocate in their own style, working within the Foundational Principles set out by our Management Team.

Each will be assigned a "Sponsor" from among the Management Team (that includes our Founder, President and Secretaries) who will help you learn the ropes and unlock your potential within our team.

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